“Sarah Ellen Stephens gives a brilliant performance as every woman Samantha. It’s sometimes hard for audiences to connect with characters in such a short runtime, but Stephens’ charisma and fun nature is infectious.” -Kat Hughes 

The Hollywood News

“Sarah Ellen Stephens is a delight as Samantha, capturing the desperation but also maintaining her charisma as the character throughout.” -Daniel Prinn

The Movie Buff

“Sarah Ellen Stephens is PERFECT as Samantha. She radiates this energy from the go and where the short takes us is nothing short of wild and she embodies it in a believable yet wild way. Leah Shore takes the pandemic and makes it her bitch in a fun, authentic way that makes you happy from start to finish.” -Richard Valero 

Music City Drive-In


“Sarah Ellen Stephens gives one of the best performances of the evening as the conflicted woman, and the entire play is an interesting mix of dark human drama and creepy clownish theatre.” -Dan Dinero

“Her subdued responses and ensuing serious, lingering beats imply her concerns about the arrangement go beyond monetary reward. Sarah portrays Norwood with steely eye contact and a trembling, fearful delivery that leaves chills and builds tension.” -Amanda Halkiotis